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Unix Security, iSeries Security, Cryptography
& Windows Security & Audit Solutions

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"Where to find Unix Security, Cryptography, iSeries Security, & Windows Security & Audit Solutions"

Unix security, Cryptography, iSeries security, network security.... how do you manage security & audit across all these platfroms? Probably with a great deal of difficulty!

This site presents solutions for many of these platforms, both individually and collectively. Hopefully it will assist you in addressing a very challenging situation.

The e-Security Toolkit

This is a series of comprehensive security checklists and audit questionnaires covering a very wide range of e-security territory. All components are shipped in electronic form (MS-Word and PDF) making re-use and change a formality.

The documents cover the following: LAN/network, firewalls, routers, dial-in, contingency, system access and various other topics and areas.

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Enterprise Security Manager

The Enterprise Security Manager (ESM) provides enterprise-wide, multi-platform security management. It allows you to centralize the administration on multiple operating systems and applications in the corporate field.

ESM facilitates the monitoring and measuring of the security throughout the enterprise.

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iSeries / AS400 Products

The AS/400 Security Toolkit comprises a comprehensive as400 audit plan, as well as a comprehensive guide for as400 security and audit.

The DetectIT portfolio of products is designed to provide comprehensive management in all aspects of iSeries security and iSeries audit. It is well respected and established, and essentially, can be introducted on a modular basis.

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Enterprise Security Policies

A set of comprehensive policies are the cornerstone of information security. The should not only be complete, but of the highest standard.... preferably written to an accepted internation standard, such as ISO17799.

The RUsecure Information Security Policies comprise such a set, and can be downloaded for evaluation and purchased online with ease.

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Cryptography, Windows, Unix

Cryptography is fundamental to information security. It is often seen as the bottom line, basic protection for the most confidential of data.

These section cover cryptography, as well as specific platforms, such as Unix and Windows.

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Security Risk Analysis

Risk analysis is fundamental to sound information security management. An objective assessment of risk is essential to ensuring expenditor is commensurate with need, and is focused in the right areas.

In selecting an approach and tool, it is important to ensure that a recognized methodology is employed, and that the tool itself has the highest pedigree.

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Getting a handle on security enterprise wide is critical, not only in ensuring that appropriate control is applied, but that it is applied as productively and effectively as possible. Hopefully, we can help you to achieve this through the products listed on this site.

If you do need any assistance or guidance, however, please do not hesitate to contact us

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